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The Exterior Stakpro Truss can be adjusted to match the height of your roller line. It can be integrated with Vekta’s ‘Smart Roller Conveyor’ system for automatic handling and positioning of the finished trusses. Our Truss Transfer can also be integrated so that finished stacks of trusses can be moved out of the way for strapping while a new stack is started.


The Interior StakPro Truss features a low working height of as little as 520mm to allow for easy workover and less obstruction when building trusses. The StakPro is customised to suit your manufacturing processes. You have the option of stacking either away or towards the direction of the apex (of the truss), regardless of the configuration of your jig system.

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The Stakpro Frame can handle panels up to 6m in length and fits on the output of your existing framing lines. As with the Stakpro Truss systems, various levels of automation can be applied, either up front or as upgrade options, to meet current and future needs. There is also a heavy duty version that can be used for frames considerably heavier than normal. The truss transfers can be integrated here as well.


Download Vekta Stakpro SpecSheet

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