StakPro Frame

Remove injury risk and manual requirements, automated frame delivery and stacking.

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Stack Pro Frame with timber

StakPro Frame

Whydo you need it?

  • Removes the hazardous manual handling task and the risk for one or many people
  • Scalable delivery, finishing and stacking solutions that focus on speed, efficiency and increased plant productivity
  • Modular system option including integrated and stand-alone finishing tables, idle rollers, chain drives, and automated stacking.
  • Bespoke design can handle frames of any size, weight or length.
  • Can be integrated into current systems for Fabrication



You get someone on there and within half a day they can operate the saw themselves. They pick it up very easily, without any concerns that they will have an accident, unlike the pull saws.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

What we used to cut in a day, the Razer will do in a couple of hours. Also our use of timber has improved. We used to carry a lot more stock and different lengths.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

This process has been great, the technicians have been extremely helpful in answering questions on product knowledge and resolving our issues in a timely manner.

~Nathan, Sydney Frames and Trusses
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FAQ’sabout StakPro Frame

  • Does the StakPro Frame work with my existing jig system?

    Yes, any length powered or gravity rollers can be integrated for transport and buffering. The Auto Nailer and Standard Nailer: Framing Fabrication systems can also be utilised in the same linear system. StakPro Frames can also be integrated with finishing tables and can be upgraded with one-touch stacking automation.

  • How much room would I need for a StakPro Frame?

    Width is 2290mm and length is 8300mm (variable).

  •  Do they come weight calibrated?

    Each system is calibrated at a safe working environment with a safe load of 80Kg

  • Which direction is the stacking configured?

    You have the option of stacking either away or towards the direction of the apex of the truss.

  • Is the StakPro Frame easy to maintain?

    That’s the best part, it is a simple and reliable solution that is designed to be easy to maintain and repair.

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StakPro Frame Specifications

StakPro Frame
Safe working load (SWL)250 kg
Width – Maximum footprint3850 mm
Height – Static infeed conveyor925 mm
Height – Maximum lift from floor1570 mm
Length – Fully retracted8850 mm
Length – At full extension16000 mm
Extension Stroke7600 mm
Spacing between extension beams1700 mm
Complete cycle time1.5 min*
InclusionsControl: Manual operation via remote pendant and/or Automation Kit
*Can vary with or without table

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