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You get someone on there and within half a day they can operate the saw themselves. They pick it up very easily, without any concerns that they will have an accident, unlike the pull saws.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

What we used to cut in a day, the Razer will do in a couple of hours. Also our use of timber has improved. We used to carry a lot more stock and different lengths.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

This process has been great, the technicians have been extremely helpful in answering questions on product knowledge and resolving our issues in a timely manner.

~Nathan, Sydney Frames and Trusses

Vekta Advanced Training was of great benefit to our business, we are still having record months! Still with plenty of capacity up our sleeve for future growth.

~Bruce, The Truss Joint

The printing system…is effective for our staff producing a finished product as it shows component locations, increasing the speed of production and assisting new staff members to adapt quickly….carpenters onsite prefer this way of printing on the timber as it helps them locate different panels faster and in a more effective way

~Nathan, Sydney Frames and Trusses
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Software & Supportdesigned to make your job easier.

industry leading software

Simple Software optimises cuts, reduces wastage, and maximising speed output. It’s basically a money-saver!

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As a Vekta customer, you’re our number one priority. Our highly specialised engineers are on-hand to support you.

Constant innovation

We’ve come a long way since we launched the Razer V5. We’re constantly looking for ways to help you automate safely, with minimum disruption and maximum profit.

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