Delivering innovative automation solutions to the timber frame and truss industry.

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Vekta Automation

Our Mission

To become the most trusted supplier of automated machinery for the timber frame and truss industry globally.

Our Design Philosophy

The Vekta Design Philosophy is a customer centric development process that creates desirable products that are profitable and sustainable over their life cycle.

Why we’re different, better.

We go beyond the traditional focus: the features and functions of a product. Instead, we work hard tounders the problems you need to solve, the context in which the solution will be used and how we can continuously improve and support you  for the lifecycle of the timber frame and truss solutions we provide.

24/7 Support

When you choose a Vekta product, you choose access to our specialised engineers, who will support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How we support you
Ed & Shelena Serrano with the Vekta Razer v5 cutting saw

We’re known in the industry for our market-leading Razer V5 Linear Saw, but it’s our culture of Innovation that defines our unique Product and Systems Solutions. 

We’re a dedicated team, here to support you throughout the automation process and beyond.

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Is it time to Automate?

It’s a big change, and a big commitment. We understand that and want you to feel as confident as we are when you buy our Australian made machinery.

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