Dahlsens & The Vekta Razer

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Dahlsens & The Vekta Razer

‘Don’t just look at the outputs. You need to consider the entire package. The support, being a local supplier and not international, the servicing requirements and costs, optimisation, absolutely everything. Vekta and the Razer ticks all the boxes.’

The advice Andrew Sternberg from Dahlsens would give to anyone looking to automate their cutting with a linear saw. In mid-December, Dahlsens had their fourth Vekta Razer V5 installed. Dahlsens decided that taking advantage of Vekta’s leasing arrangements was the best option for their business.

In Ballarat we’ve been able to reduce our wastage by 60% thanks to the Razer

Saw. We also get an extra 30% efficiency in cutting in the same period of time than

from other equipment.

Dahlsens had their first Razer V5 installed in Shepparton in 2014. Since then, the Razer has also benefited Ballarat and Craigeburn. It was interesting to hear from Andrew about why the Razer and Vekta is the preferred supplier for Dahlsens.

The Operators especially love the printer (Vekta P3 Printer). The ability to print the plate location on the truss chords provides a huge advantage when putting the trusses together. For management, the feedback loop is fantastic. The ability to see what timbers are going through the saw, and the down and uptime allows us to review internal processes and make the improvements necessary. I also appreciate the ability to make changes on the fly and test them before going live.

For Dahlsens, the ability to have local support and spares is a foundation to their success.

The support and service are second to none. With Vekta we can get constant support. We can call any time of the day and do not need to worry about time zones. We can ask the silliest questions and get a response within 24 hours. It has been a struggle to get information from other countries. We can also get spares and consumables delivered within 24 to 48 hours. 

The cornerstone of a good relationship lies in trust and collaboration, values that are echoed by Andrew and the Dahlsens team.

Vekta is willing to try the alterations to the saw and software we suggest or need. Ed is more than happy to do custom software and we get the results we want. With Vekta it feels more like a partnership rather than Dahlsens just being another customer.

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