Outfeed Kickoff (OFK)

Optimise your workflow and increase productivity. Cut components exactly where you want them, every time.

Outfeed conveyor table (OFK)

Whydo you need it?

  • Single or Multi-station kickoffs provide flexible and automated delivery
  • Sorting options support members being grouped together at the outfeed station
  • Easy to integrate into a longer Direct Delivery System or upgrade at any time
  • Experience fast cycle times of only 3 seconds!
  • Easily integrate and expand when you’re ready with our modular system.

You get someone on there and within half a day they can operate the saw themselves. They pick it up very easily, without any concerns that they will have an accident, unlike the pull saws.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

What we used to cut in a day, the Razer will do in a couple of hours. Also our use of timber has improved. We used to carry a lot more stock and different lengths.

~Drew, Rainbow Frame and Truss

This process has been great, the technicians have been extremely helpful in answering questions on product knowledge and resolving our issues in a timely manner.

~Nathan, Sydney Frames and Trusses
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  • Is the Outfeed Kick Off & Rotator a scalable solution?

    The standard outfeed comes with a single OFK, multi-station OFKs can be built to order.

  • Can it support multiple lines and saws?

    Each saw comes with its own dedicated outfeed, they can be combined through integration with the Vekta DDS

  • What about ongoing maintenance?

    This simple and reliable solution is designed to be easy to maintain and repair, some regular greasing and visual checks will keep it running perfectly. And don’t forget, we support you 24/7.

  • Can I control the workflow/order of members being kicked off?

    Yes, you control the order and orientation of members, as well as, where they will be kicked off.

  • Can I send my members straight to building stations?

    Yes – a single or multi-station kickoff may meet your requirements, for larger scale solutions we can build a bespoke DDS system for your plant.

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