What’s New in Support!


What’s New in Support!

Localities of our Support engineers

Paul Donnell, the Production Manager from Bunnings Hallam clearly defines the industry wide expectation. ‘We expect as little down time as possible as when the saw stops, the whole floor stops.’ To achieve this outcome, he believes it is particularly important to, ‘Talk through issues over the phone and have a local tech.’ Alistair Green from AAA agreed; ‘Response times are very important.’

We pride ourselves on working as one team so while our eight support engineers are spread across the world (Perth, Melbourne, Auckland and Minneapolis), we have perfected a team problem solving approach so no problem is ever too hard to solve. Vekta has just recruited our second Auckland based support engineer and we will be putting him through the paces with three months of intense training at our manufacturing facility in Perth. Having two support engineers located in Auckland, will help NZ customers but also benefit Australian early morning starters due to the time difference advantage. Watch this space for more on Brisbane, Sydney and Christchurch support engineers.


Vekta does more than just preach about training, we actually create specialised training packages for individual customer needs. Why not have a chat to us today about the sort of bottlenecks you are currently experiencing and we can custom design a training package for you to not only eliminate the bottlenecks but also work on improving your optimisation and reducing your waste. One of our favourite stories to tell is how we do not hear from customers for months on end after training trips, not a peep! It is amazing what you can achieve when you are empowered with an advanced level of knowledge and understanding of the Razer linear saw.

Monthly maintenance

Our state of the art machinery comes with a strict daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures that keep it happy and working harder than your most loyal employee. However, like a loyal employee when maintenance becomes lax, it puts up with it for a long time until one day it can no longer take it. This means unscheduled downtime and loss of production. Now you are in big trouble and need a specialist to attend and hopefully make her feel better again. This is why some of our customers are now choosing to have Vekta conduct monthly maintenance for them, leaving it up to the expert to go over all the essential maintenance. If this may be of interest to you, please let us know.

Your online resources

To make it easier for our customers to access information they need, Vekta has an on-line self help portal called Vekta Rescue, which we get a lot of great feedback about. Vekta Rescue is connected to your machinery software, customised to the exact configuration of your machine, updated regularly, accessible for all and easy to understand with diagrams and step-by-step instructions written in plain English.

Vekta has recently invested in a new ERP system, which will allow us to provide customers with the next level of transparency through our new customer portal system. Customers will have direct access to statements and invoices, tickets for current and past issues, be able to order consumables and parts directly through the portal. Vekta is continuously investing in support and various ways to make the process easier and more transparent for our customers.

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