Framequip acquired by Vekta

Framequip Autonailer

Framequip acquired by Vekta

We’re thrilled to announce the purchase of Framequip, an Australian company offering cutting edge framing line technologies.

Framequip boasts a 37-year reputation for providing its clients with innovative and dependable framing line manufacturing system solutions.

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Launched in February 1987, Framequip has been a family owned and operated company based in Sydney with a focus on the Australian roof truss and wall frame industry. Framequip system solutions, are currently deployed across a multitude of local plants across Australia, and it has deep domain knowledge across Nog Nailers, Component Nailers, and the integration of proprietary software automation. 

Framequip’s expertise and technologies will be incorporated into the Vekta Automation offerings, with enhanced specialized service and support capability.

As a result, Vekta Automation will provide an even greater range of complementary and state-of-the-art technology solutions to support a wide variety of wall framing solutions in either semi or fully automated linear configuration meeting a wider range of industry budgetary levels. 

We are delighted to welcome Framequip to the Vekta family. Rob Armour and his team have built a proven Frameline solution business over the years, and their knowledge of manufacturing systems and technology automation offerings will support the growing demands in this sector, as we continue to strive to transform the Frame & Truss industry with leading edge technology

Ed Serrano, Vekta CEO

Framequip will continue to function under the leadership of founder Rob Armour whilst closely collaborating with Vekta’s sales and operations teams. “Joining Vekta is a fantastic opportunity for Framequip,” said Rob Armour. “I am thrilled to contribute to Vekta’s mission to provide and deliver leading automation solutions and services to support the Timber Frame & Truss industry globally’. 


Flexible and modular frame fabrication solutions to suit every plant and budget


We continue to develop a range of systems to meet new industry challenges deemed too complicated for cost effective automation, whilst investing continually in research and workforce development programs. 

Soon, Vekta will also release its latest innovation catering to both parallel and raking frames later this year. The new Raking Framer, is modular in design and priced to suit plants of all sizes. A rake wall, is an angled wall which is used on the inside or outside of a building. Typically framing these is a manual process which requires knowledge and experience to ensure a correct and quality finished product. It’s also problematic for most manufacturers and builders, as typically these monsters are framed in a completely manual or semi-automated process.

The Vekta Raked Wall/Framing solution is a completely automated end to end solution.

This starts with the cutting of each component which is automated and then conveyed where the table holds the nails, screws, subcomponents and studs squarely in place for fastening. By removing the manual task of placing each of the cut component to the assembly, this improves efficiency and increase the accuracy and quality process for making raked wall frames. The system is designed also to manufacture standard or common walls.

This market leading combination means you only need 1 line to produce your framing requirements

Vekta can deliver you the efficient production requirements you are looking for. Production numbers will increase without the need for extra labour – the system is designed to operate with just 1 operator/observer. 

And of course, the solution is designed to integrate with Vekta’s own Packfeeder automating the delivery of timber to the machine as well as Vekta’s unique Stak Pro Truss solution, for the Transfer and Stacking of all Frame finished product ready for delivery.

Any plant looking for a more efficient way to building their Frames would be encouraged to contact us directly.

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