Automate your infeed, eliminate human errors and keep your saw cutting.

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Pack feeder machine


Whydo you need it?

  • Uses up to 75% less floor space than other typical systems
  • Fastest pick rate of any system, it can deliver 2 boards every 15 seconds
  • Options to flip boards for bow, stack timber and feed multiple saws
  • Dual level picking gantry – up to 20 standard packs loaded at once
  • Easy single forklift load from the rear – stage your next packs for no downtime!



The finished product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. With the minimal footprint of the PackFeeder, the accuracy, speed and reliability of the Razer V5, the speed and efficiency of the Material Conveyor system, and the overall support by this team we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

~Josh Wright V.P. of Manufacturing The Truss Company, USA

We’ve grown over 50% in the last two years, the saw has been a big part to play in that from a cutting point of view. Knowing that we could do that and having extra capacity up our sleeve is of real benefit

~The Truss Joint

The printing options on the members has endless opportunities. Being able to print on the edge as well as the flat is a very impressive feature..

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FAQ’sabout the Packfeeder

  • How many packs can the infeed system take?

    The system can handle up to 20 standard Australian packs at a time, or a mixture of Aus and other pack sizes.

  • What size timber does the Packfeeder take?

    Supported timber sizes min length 2400mm and max length 6000mm, with min width of 70mm and max width of 300mm.

  • What are the loading or cycle times?

    Typical pick cycle time is 15 seconds for up to two boards at a time.

  • What are the dimensions of the Packfeeder system?

    Total length (with a recommended safety fence installed) is 11300mm. Total width with a fence also is 8620mm.

  • How does a Packfeeder know which timber to select?

    The gantry scans the location and sizes of the timber packs every time they are loaded and replenished, that way the correct timber is delivered to the saw every time.

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