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We believe in building long term partnerships, so that we can understand your business problems and challenges.

  • Ed SerranoManaging Director

    Ed Serrano is the Managing Director of Vekta Automation in Australia and Vekta USA in North America. Born in the USA, he moved to Australia to study Mechatronic Engineering at Curtin University, graduating with Honors in 2004. 

    Ed’s career with automation began with the Razer Linear Saw at PFP Technologies. In 2009, he purchased the IP and rights to the Razer saw and formed Vekta Automation.

    To develop his business skills, Ed completed the Curtin Owners Growth Program focusing on strategic, critical and analytical thinking. Ed has over 18 years’ experience with industrial automation projects specifically for the timber Truss and Frame industry. With a solid understanding of the conditions and needs of truss plants and his experience in industrial automation, he has helped many plants improve their production and business through automation.

The Vekta Team Group Photo outside Vekta HQ

The Vekta Team

We invest our resources in customer and market centric activities which will grow our business. 

We remove blockers by simply granting authority to where the knowledge is, giving control to our leaders and key individuals. 

Our trusted and valued business managers have demonstrable competence with complete accountability and clarity of vision, so they do what they need to do and seek help where appropriate to become most effective in their roles.  

We trust and value our business managers

They are competent and accountable. They know when to act and when to seek help. They know how to best support you and your business.

By providing detailed customer service procedures, guidelines, communication protocols and work instructions to our team, we can consistently deliver high-quality service to each and every customer.

Vekta engineers


It’s a big change, and a big commitment. We understand that and want you to feel as confident as we are when you buy our Australian made machinery.

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