Excellence is often a word that is thrown around within organisations with little foundation to base it on.

At Vekta we believe that demonstrating EXCELLENCE in every aspect of a business is something that cannot be manufactured but earnt from the ground up and executed in every part of the service, product and delivery.

Claiming EXCELLENCE as one of your core values certainly does not happen overnight. It is something that needs to be strived for each and every day from the Leaders in the business all the way throughout the  team, suppliers and delivery channels.

At Vekta, we have continuously strived for this standard and over the past 10 years we are incredibly proud to have a reputation within the industry of EXCELLENCE in our Engineering, Manufacturing, Software and Customer Relations.

Our passion for delivering only the best has always stemmed from our highly skilled Engineering team overseen by our experienced and hands on Managing Director, Ed Serrano.

Demonstrating EXCELLENCE

The best way to demonstrate Excellence- to be recognised for Excellence by others. Over the years, Vekta has been recognised in many Business awards for our success and pursuit of excellence. We are especially proud of winning the Innovation Excellence Award in the Western Australia Industry and Export Awards. The focal point of the submission was the Vekta P3 printer. An innovation from Vekta that lifted the bar, changed expectations and demonstrated that excellence in printing was achievable.

Often, Vekta customers report that end builders request jobs that have been passed through the Razor Linear Saw. The builders appreciate the high quality of the printing and the detailed information on the components that makes their job faster and easier.

It is exciting to see our core value of EXCELLENCE in everything we do at Vekta is now filtering out to multiple industries and we couldn’t be prouder of our skilled, intelligent team.

Excellence; a value and attitude engrained in every aspect of the Vekta experience.

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