Stand Out From The Rest


Stand Out From The Rest

Creating your point of Difference

In a post-Covid economy, we are going to see new challenges for businesses as the world economy gets back on its feet.

The Timber Frame and Truss industry is unfortunately looking at taking a hit as the construction industry has slowed and may struggle to immediately pick up. There is a great deal of uncertainty and people are waiting to see what is going to happen.

In a recent FTMA letter, Kersten Gentle said that currently, house sales are drying up, investors are getting nervous about proceeding with projects, and there is an unnerving feeling for the future of the construction industry. Kersten believes without stimulus, the construction industry will face enormous uncertainty and disruption within the next few months.

While we are still in uncertain times, there are things businesses can do to secure their place within the industry – and it all leads back to making yourself recognised as a reputable company that clients can trust. Here’s a few tips on making your business stand out from the rest.

Create a Point of Difference

In business it pays to be different, but when you are selling the same as your competition, finding that point of difference can be a challenge.

If you have a Vekta Razer with a P3 printer, are you utilising all that it can do? Have you considered:

  • Printing your customers’ logo onto their components.
  • Printing QC checklists onto components, and thus reassuring the customer that everything has been checked and is good to go.

Look for new opportunities

Look at the plans and think outside the square. Perhaps there is something that can be changed to timber? If you can offer new suggestions to existing projects, you just might take the lead as a preferred supplier.

Focus on what makes you stand out from the rest

Take a good look at how you promote your business.

  • Have you won any awards? Make sure these are listed on your website.
  • What groups and associations are you a part of? Let customers know who you support.
  • Do you have high profile customers? Get testimonials from them endorsing your products and services.

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