Excellence in Support – David Richardson


Excellence in Support – David Richardson

Vekta is excited to announce that David Richardson is the newest recruit to join Vekta’s service and support Engineering team. David is a qualified Mechanical Engineer graduating from Charles Darwin University with Honours. He completed his degree living as an external student in Cairns. David has always had an avid interest in mechanical fitting, with many of his childhood weekends spent helping his Dad rebuild his motorbikes and tinkering with his Meccano set. As an adult, this translated into rebuilding broken motorbikes and reselling them, providing essential experience with mechanical fitting as well as supporting him through university.

When asked, “What have you found most surprising about the Timber, Frame & Truss Industry?”

David commented, ‘The versatility and prevalence in which timber is used in construction. Coming from the Northern Territory I grew up with homes and buildings that were steel and brick construction but with my introduction into the timber industry through Vekta I have realised just how important timber is with its wide spread uses in every level of construction.’

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