Curtin Business School Visits Vekta


Curtin Business School Visits Vekta

Vekta has recently had a visit from about 70 students from Curtin University, as a part of Curtin’s ‘Work Integrated Learning’ program. This program focuses onimg_3666 the integration and application of theoretical knowledge into practice and is a critical part of the curriculum that enables Curtin graduates to have the ability to apply their studies to real world working situations. The aim of the visit to Vekta was to allow the students to observe and examine how managing operations occurs within a real business environment.

img_3679As a part of the visit Ed gave a presentation that will assist the students in completing a report where they are required to make connections between what they have observed at Vekta and the theory they have been learning. Areas covered include the importance and inter-relatedness of business strategy and operations, lean manufacturing, product design and process selection, facility layout and capacity planning, inventory management, supply chain and the management of quality. After Ed’s presentation, the students were given the opportunity to further question any areas covered as well as why certain decisions were made.img_3672

We believe that visits like this not only help the Curtin students, but also provide a fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on our current business situation and to take on new ideas for improvement. We look forward to a continuing relationship between Vekta and Curtin University.

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