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If you google images of ‘automated production lines’ you’ll find pictures of robot arms and conveyor lines. What you won’t see- people. Why? Because in automated production lines, humans tend to touch the work in progress as little as possible. Why? Because it is accepted that the cost to manufacture increases every time someone touches the goods.


We’ve been automatically moving cut components directly from the saws to where they will be used for a long time. During this time we have learnt what works and what doesn’t. We know and understand the hesitations many plant owners have with the direct delivery approach and we’ve found solutions to those problems.

The Vekta DDS- Direct Delivery System is highly configurable and is customised to suit each and every factory precisely. Unlike other systems on the market, the equipment itself is basic, easily maintained and repaired. You do not need to hire engineers to maintain the equipment.

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Much of the logic takes place within the saws themselves – optimizing, orientation, order, and kickoff location considerations for example. The cut components are then handed over to the Direct Delivery System with the appropriate information.

The DDS then handles conveying the cut components, tracking them along the way, and kicking them off at the correct final location. The aim is to deliver the components as close as possible to the jigs/assembly areas- in the correct orientation and order.

Highly configurable to suit new and existing factory layouts.

  • Accepts cut components from one or more saws.
  • High speed rotation options for moving components to a conveyor line that is 90 degrees to the first conveyor.
  • Ability to split the conveyor into multiple lines feeding in different directions.
  • Dual and single direction kickoff mechanisms that can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor lines.
  • All cut components can be justified at the kickoff locations to best suit the factory layout – leading edge, trailing edge or center justified. Printing locations on each member based on how the member will be justified at the kickoff location.
  • Kickoff components based on configurable rules (type of member, location in truss/frame, dimensions, etc)



In an age where finding good help is a tough gig, keep the staff you have in the areas where they will provide the most value. The Vekta DDS- Direct Delivery System can remove one of the most labor intensive, least efficient steps in your plant- getting cut components from the saws to where they are needed!

Key features

  • Highly configurable.
  • Streamline your factory by sending a job to your saw and knowing that moments later assembly can begin with the first components being available at the jigs almost instantly – no need to cut all or most of a job before assembly can begin.
  • Maximum safety with minimal labor.
  • Simple, reliable solutions that are easy to maintain and repair
  • Operation and safety solutions are customised for each and every installation – not a one-size-fits-all.
  • Scalable – add more conveyors and/or kickoffs in future as needed
Power 415/480 VAC @ 32A 
Air 15 CFM @ 100psi 
Min # of kickoff locations 1
Max # of kickoff locations  99
Layout of conveyor line Customised

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