Vekta Stak-n-Gap


eeping up with a Razer is hard work – Especially when an operator or a loader is checking and flipping timber for bow and also stacking boards on top of one another.

The Stak-n-Gap upgrade option is designed to easily clamp onto your existing automatic infeed side transfer legs. It allows boards to be loaded onto the side transfers in a single row with or without gaps between the boards.

The boards are then separated and scanned for bow. Based on what members will be cut from that particular stick of timber, the Razer will automatically let the Stak-n-Gap system know whether or not the board needs to be flipped.

If needed, the board is automatically flipped before being stacked as required.


Get more from your Razer with less effort

The Stak-n-Gap, an easy upgrade option to automatically orientate and stack timber to help achieve peak productivity with minimal labour.

Key features of the Stak-n-Gap

  • Reduces mistakes and labour on the infeed side of a Vekta Razer 
  • Specifically designed to be easily added to existing systems
  • Integrates seamlessly with the saw’s software
  • Stacking and fair ending (justifying) the timber comes standard
  • Option to flip for bow (not available in the US)
Stacking cycle time  15 seconds
Timber sizes  70 x 35 1.5m lengths(2x3, 5ft) to 300 x 45 x 6m lengths  (2x12, 20ft) 

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