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Localities of our Support engineers Paul Donnell, the Production Manager from Bunnings Hallam clearly defines the industry wide expectation. ‘We expect as little down time as possible as when the saw stops, the whole floor stops.’ To achieve this outcome, he believes it is particularly important to, ‘Talk through issues over the phone and have a local tech.’ Alistair Green from AAA agreed; ‘Response times are very important.’   We pride ourselves on working as one team so while our eight support engineers are spread across the world (Perth, Melbourne, Auckland and Minneapolis), we have perfected a team problem solving approach so no problem is ever too hard to solve. Vekta has just recruited our second Auckland based support engineer and we will be putting him through the paces with three months of intense training at our manufacturing facility in Perth. Having two support engineers located in Auckland, will help NZ customers but also benefit Australian early morning starters due to the time difference advantage. Watch this space for more on Brisbane, Sydney and Christchurch support engineers.
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